2018. január 13., szombat

Stories of love

I think I have neved had such a new years eve event, where I cried so much. Streams of tears were just flowing, flowing out of my eyes, down on my face, my neck, to my dress, till my toes. Dressed in tears and smiles from the top of my head till toes, because of release of tension, out of compassion, filled of joy... It was special for many reasons. My son was not with me, he decided to spend these days at his father. Since he was born this was the second new years eve celebration, that we did not spend together. The first one was my decision, this was his. A new phase of my motherhood started, with a small, teenage kid, who is growing into the world, into the house of future, where, as Kahlil Gibran says, we cannot step. I could celebrate together with my closest friends, who's life stories I could follow at close in the last few years, I could see the big changes, I could see them in their own struggles, fears, concerns and pains, through which life is forming them, and now we were sitting there, a big circle of brave hearts, brave to stay there opened, without masks, without anything to hide, just in a simple, pure way, in a silent, deep presence. I could celebrate openly the happiness of my heart, for life brought me another gift-person, with whom I can share the many treasures of my everyday life. I could fall in love again with Gyuri's sincere presence, for which I loved him from the first moment I saw him. In our hearts we are sister and brother, in a deep, loving connection. I could nourish my soul with Eszter's beautiful voice, with her music, with the balm of her brown-silk vibration. There were kids and babies and a baby dog, there were dancing and singing and laughing and hiking. On the last day of the year I did family constellation, on the first day of the new year I did family constellation. The last morning yoga was just fantastic, even for myself, so that my other dear friend, Zsolt, who himself is also a yoga instructor said this was his best yoga session ever. There were also beautiful resonances, love stories, or maybe it is more proper to say, stories of love. Because through our every breath Love is telling its stories in a more mystical way, that we could ever understand... We can fight against its movements, or let ourselves be danced and moved and changed through them.
Grateful, rooted in love 
retreat, Doda Pilii, new year's eve, english, Transylvania
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