2017. október 17., kedd

Smart casual & casual retreats

The problem is, that we cannot be ourselves out in the world, in our workplace with our colleagues or in our family in the same way as we are in the retreats. This is a feedback I receive many times at the end of the retreats.
I try to summarize in a few words my answer to a similar feedback at our last retreat we had the last weekend:
Try it. Try to be as you are here and now outside in the world, back at home, in your everyday life. Because you just forgot something, we all here are those colleagues from outside. You can see here bank officers, corporate workers, some of us working on artistic fields, teachers, etc, etc. Try it! Try to not hide yourself but show yourself the way you just are and see what happens. If you don't even try, don't come any more to my retreats. I don't want to take your money for your failures and being coward. If you don't try to be yourself out in your life, coming to retreats is a waste of time, it is useless. It is good only to deepen the separation from others from the perspective of a spiritual ego. So gather all your courage and try to be yourself the same way as you are in retreats. And see what happens.
I can tell you what happened to me, as I have also worked ten years in a corporate. I was free. I was a spot of freedom and craziness and joy, which has radiated to the others as well, and I had really good relationships, as my colleagues were not only my working mates, but they were humans, just like me.
Picture taken in 2007, Bucharest, when in my "smart casual" I was cooking for my friends after corporate work in Pădureţ Mónika Judi Grün's kitchen 
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