2017. szeptember 9., szombat

instead of judging from far, just get closer

I am not a festival person, I asseverated often. I hate crowd, loud music, no, no, no. And then I was there, in the middle of a festival, where I thought, I got by mistake. But as I don't believe in mistakes, I've got alert. Why I am here? OK, Alex Flowers invited me, but this cannot be the only reason... So behind the so called reason I was looking for a BIG answer. And it came. And, as usually, when Life is teaching me tough lessons, I didn't like it this time either. I started to see one of my blind spots, my "spiritual" snobbish me, the one who says I don't go there, among them, among those people. I am better than they are, I don't want to get into their company. Anyhow, they are faceless, they are just a crowd. But there I was, with those people who are the seed of a festival, the organizers and the volunteers.
They have showed me their faces, their hearts, their souls, they have embraced me and took good care of me. I received so much from each of you. You made me feel ashamed, for my "superior" thoughts. Thank you for sharing your life stories with me, sharing laughs and tears, sharing your healthy attitude in not so pleasant circumstances, that was indeed a big lesson to me. And then the artists, at least those, with whom I had the chance to talk, they were so humble, it was so good to be in their presence also behind the scene, before/after their show. So, you are in my heart  Thank you for helping me integrate another slice of the world, of myself. Thank you for your love. 

Thank you for teaching me: instead of judging from far, just get closer  
Hope to see you next year.
festival, spirituality, english, Transylvania

With gratitude for Dean Bowman, Mihaela TugmeanuCepoi MihaelaEliza ParvuFrancis Mozes, Dani, Cristi, David, Ana-Maria ManciuFlorin AurelianNelu DobreRyan Donohue, Nemanja Zlatarev & Funktastic Coalition.

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