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Ahimsa in adult relationships

There we were, beautiful women, sharing time and space together, and every day one more woman entered naked the river. I was not telling them what to do. By forcing things you make hearts shut. I just swam naked, and they followed, we reconnected through nature to our own nature. There was only one man, in a pure male principle, full of light and seriousness. He walked around silently, or sat silently in deep meditation. He was our guardian, protecting the pure, feminine principle, as day by day life was unfolding through our inner processes. Of course, there was also love and sexual energy, but at a different level, not at the level or reproduction and flower power, otherwise he wouldn't have resisted, he would have raped us. 

I told this summer story at the last morning of the winter retreat, just the day before yesterday. Pornography is not a taboo any more, the young generation grew up on it. They might know everything about the different shades of physical actions, without any idea of the pure, sacred sexual energy, about respect for the body, the sanctuary of the soul, about the ahimsa, the rule of not hurting, which includes also relationships. Women are afraid to say no, more afraid then to say yes. This way men will never learn to treat a woman at equal, but use her as a sexual or psychological object to satisfy the momentary desire. And this is what happens in most of the relationships. Not two adults meet, but two children, a child and a parent, or two adolescents. There is a big way until we grow up in partner relationships and sexuality, so that our every act is the sincere, respectful manifestation of a mature person, whose love really comes from the heart.
Instead of using others to feed your ego, use your heart as a compass.

With compassion.
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Photo by Kishin Shinoyama

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